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SMS / CALL / WhatsApp – for QR code = Select Country Code Australia (+61) Do NOT enter the first digit of your mobile number. ie, if your number starts with 0409 please leave off the first digit 0. ie: 409 Otherwise the QR will not work.

Link / V-Card – You MUST enter http://  or do not leave out the http:// or the Link will not work.

Simple Directions to Generate a QR Code to redirect to a website URL

The below Directions will let you generate a Standard QR Code to a Website URL of your choice. You also have “many” other options


  1. Copy the Link to the page you want the QR Code to go to.  On a PC = Ctrl + C  On a  MAC=  Cmd +C
  2. Make sure the button is selected
  3. In the Link field Ctrl +V or MAC Cmd +V  Paste the link
  4. Click Generate QR Code
  5. Select to Download as png, svg or Print and save.

For DEFAULT QR Code – In reality there are really only 2 Steps. 

  1. Paste the Link
  2. Click Generate QR Code. Don’t touch anything else
Location | Email | Text | Call | SMS | WhatsApp | Wifi | V-Card | Paypal – All self explanitory. If in Doubt , CONTACT US with your requirements and we will create the QR Code for you!
As you can see, you have numerous options for Background Size look of QR. Just Experiment. The Links you place will always remain the same no matter what you make the QR look like.